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A Childrens Savings Website

A Childrens Savings Website is a dedicated UK child savings resource aimed at helping parents find the best deals and highest rates of interest on more than 1000 high earning kids saving accounts.

Use the button below to go straight to the account finder quote form and find the best account for your investment needs. For security purposes, this button will open up the quotes form in a new browser window:

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Children's savings accounts offer you the opportunity to invest your child's money in a savings account that is easy to understand and manage from your child's point of view.

You can now encourage your child to invest his/her pocket money, gift money and any other cash received in one of these popular accounts, and to benefit from earning interest on their savings balance.

The minimum investment is normally 1, and be sure to enquire about the starter hamper, bonus gift, discount pack or other starter offers available from the savings branch upon successfully opening a new account.

Other links in the upper right hand navigation panel will allow you to find out more about the companies that are working together to provide this website, as well as a page that offers links to other sites and businesses that can offer you an account, should you be unable to find anything here. Use the lower navigation panel to access other sites in this network.

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